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The Experienced Storm Damage Roof Repair Portage, IN

Wind and hail can cause a lot of damage to your home — but don’t despair! No matter where or what kind of storm hits, Alamo Roofing Contractors is always here to help our community get back on its feet through our storm damage restoration program. When we get word of widespread damage, we immediately send out our project managers and crew to establish a local storm headquarters. Here, you can get expedited permits, code accommodations, insurance claims assistance, and more.

Portage Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

There’s no telling what kind of damage can be done to your roof from a hail storm. Even if there is no visible impact damage, there may be damage underneath your shingles. Much of this damage is hard to discover with the untrained eye, which is why a full inspection by a professional roofer is crucial after a storm. Our team is here for you if you suspect your home has suffered storm damage from hail. We will perform a comprehensive inspection to determine what damage is done and how to best repair your roof back into shape.

Wind Damage

Wind may seem harmless most of the time, but high winds can often leave unseen consequences on your roof! Wind can cause vulnerable areas in your roof and leaving those areas unrepaired can expose your roof to even more damage. Avoid unexpected roof leaks by having your roof inspected by a professional, especially after experiencing heavy winds!

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home

How does the claims process work?

When severe weather has caused damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, we will arrive quickly to mitigate the storm damage to ensure it doesn’t spread. We will then go through the main steps to help you through the insurance claims process.

First, we will provide adjuster assistance to ensure correct measurements, estimates, and make sure they have photos of the storm damage. Next, we will guide you through the storm damage insurance claims process and ensure that it is carried out correctly and efficiently. Lastly, we will offer a pricing structure that is in tune with major storm damage insurance providers. 

Will you help me file an insurance claim?

Yes! Are storm insurance specialists at Alamo Roofing Contractors are always ready to guide you through the storm damage insurance claims process. We will ensure your adjuster has all of the information needed to generate a correct dollar amount for storm damage repairs. Whether your home’s storm damage involves hail damage, wind damage, or a roof leak, you can trust us to ensure that all insurance matters are handled professionally and efficiently.

Our experts are here available to help you through any and every storm. Our professional roofing specialists will guide you through every step of the roof repair process to relieve the stress that comes with storm damage. If you think your home has been affected by a past or recent storm, give us a call today for a free inspection.



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