Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider a new roof for your home, we know you have questions and concerns. We understand how important it is to find the best contractors for a job, as well as what materials meet your needs and budget. At Alamo Roofing Contractors, we are experienced professionals who use quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Let’s get started addressing your questions:

What should I look for in a roofer?

It’s hard to find a reliable roofing company if you don’t know what to look for. These are the top 6 things you should look for when researching your roofing contractor.

What can I expect from my inspection?

A roof inspection is the first step in your roof replacement and should be thorough and detailed. Follow along to learn what you can expect from a roof inspection with Alamo.

Should my roofing company be insured?

Absolutely! Watch to find out more about the importance of your roofing company being insured, licensed, and bonded and how these things keep you, the company, and workers safe.

Do I need a workmanship warranty?

Do you value peace of mind and a reliable roofing company that will stand behind their work? If your answer is yes, you need a workmanship warranty.

Will I have to pay for bad wood to be replaced?

You never want to install a brand new roof over bad wood. Alamo includes the cost of new wood up to 100 sq ft as part of our roof replacement and roof installation processes. Watch to learn more!

What will determine the price of my roof?

There are a number of factors that will play into the cost of a roof replacement. We’ll walk you through all of them so you understand exactly what you’re getting!

Should I just relayer my roof?

Nope. This might seem like a good way to save money, but follow along while we discuss the ways that cutting corners upfront will lead to problems down the road.

How will I pay for my roof?

Roof replacements are expensive – there’s not getting around that. Fortunately, Alamo offers affordable financing options that can help you get the new roof of your dreams.

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