Winter Roof Maintenance: Removing Snow Without Causing Damage

by Jan 28, 2023

Snowfall in the Portage, Indiana area averages 39 inches a year. That’s quite a bit of snow! Thankfully it doesn’t fall all at once. Children have a great time playing in all of the snow, building forts and snowmen, and having snowball fights. Cross-country skiing and snowmobiling can be enjoyable winter activities as well. 

However, the roofs of our home can take the brunt of the winter storms and snow. When the snow begins to accumulate on the rooftops, how can it be safely removed without causing any damage? There are some great steps to take to make sure it holds up the weight of the snow. 

snow damage roof

Snow Rake

This tool is extremely useful when it comes to removing snow from your roof. These handy tools can be found at your local hardware store. They are long aluminum poles, with a blade attached at the end. The pole is extended up on your roof and used to gently pull the snow off the edge, to the ground. However, snow rakes should be used with caution. Here are some tips when using a snow rake.

  • Only use on first-floor homes. They are not intended to be used on second-story homes or those that can’t be safely reached. 
  • Be sure of your footing. Pulling snow from a rooftop can cause you to lose your balance. 
  • Begin pulling from the edge, and extend further back allowing minimal amounts of snow to be removed at a time. 
  • Pull gently. The goal is not to damage the roofing material under the snow.
  • Dress warmly. While you may begin to work up a sweat, remember it is still winter out there. Wear appropriate clothing to stay warm. 
  • Do not use a snow rake while on a ladder. Once again, you could lose your balance and become injured. 

Gutters and Downspouts

Inspect your gutter system. Debris, twigs, and nests from birds can clog up a gutter system, causing complications when the snow melts. The water must have a place to go, and if the gutters are clogged up, potentially dangerous icicles and ice dams can form. An expensive repair in the spring may not be a welcomed event. 

Ice dams roof safe portage

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It is best to avoid salt, and other additives when desiring to clean snow from off the roof. Chemicals can work down and create damage to the shingles or metal roofing. An expensive repair or replacement can be avoided by using different means of removal, besides harsh chemicals. 

Avoid Heating Tools

Some DIY-ers have been known to use hair dryers and torches to remove excess snow from a roof. This is just a disaster waiting to happen! These can cause flooding or an avalanche-like situation, not to mention a fire if an open flame is used. 

Seek Professional Assistance

The safest and best way to remove snow from your roof is to make a phone call to a trusted and reliable roofing contractor for assistance. Alamo Roofing Contractors in Portage is just the company to call! We have the knowledge and the expertise to effectively and safely work on your roof, and evaluate any areas that have become damaged from the winter months. 

We have built our business on honesty, integrity, and reliability. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship. 

Call us today to learn how we can assist you with your roof maintenance, in the winter and all year long. 


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