New Year, New Roof: Why a New Roof is Just What You Need in 2023

by Jan 11, 2023

As the calendar turns to the beginning of a new year, the plan for upgrading and creating new projects becomes a line item on the to-do list. One of those new and exciting projects may be an updated roofing system. How do you know if this should be included in the new year? Let’s review some signs that it may be time for a new roof!

New Year - New Roof! Portage


Are you noticing discolored spots on your ceilings? Stains on the walls of your attic? This could be an indication of a damaged roof. Perhaps the underlayment and sealants are failing to do their intended jobs and will need replacing.


Missing Shingles

If you have noticed missing or buckling shingles, the repair could be easily fixed. However, if the area is too large, or the shingles have become old, then a new roof should be installed.


Uneven Roofline

This could be an indication of a deeper problem. When the supports no longer are strong enough to carry the weight of the roof, they bend, buckle and break causing the roofline to be jagged. Perhaps rot has taken over and the damage is extensive. Have an inspection done to review what the problems are and the best way to bring a roof back to life.


New Year - New Roof, Portage


Bare Shingles

Asphalt shingles are created by ceramic-coated mineral granules applied to a base mat. When the shingles age or are destroyed by fierce winds, the granules no longer adhere to the mat and become bare. This shows signs of future complications. These shingles have come to the end of their lifecycle and a new roof should be considered.


Rust on a Metal Roof

Do you have a metal roofing system? Make sure you keep an eye out for areas of rust or damaged fasteners. This can create huge areas of damage if not addressed properly.



How old is your roofing system? Asphalt roofs can last approximately 20 years, while metal can last closer to 50 years. Tile and slate roofs last closer to 100 years when properly installed and maintained. You may want to consider replacing your roof if the current system is near the end of its life span.


Holey Attic

Are you able to look up through your attic and see daylight? This means you have a large number of leaks and the insulation has deteriorated. After a new roof is installed, your electric bills should diminish and the comfort of your home increase. Not to mention, the peace of mind a secure solid roof can provide.

Take the time to seriously consider the condition of your current roofing system. Contact a trusted local roofing contractor to assess any damage and learn if a new roof should be considered.

Alamo Roofing Contractors in Portage are available to meet and discuss your roofing problems and concerns. We strive to listen carefully and find a reasonable solution to a failing roofing system. It is important to secure your family and possessions with a solid secure roofing system.

We provide every customer with sincere outstanding customer service and we treat each home with the care it deserves. Give us a call today to see how we can help improve your home!

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