This Is How Much Slate Roofing Costs In Portage

by Jun 25, 2022

You can expect to pay between $20,000 and $50,000 for a slate roofing installation or replacement in Portage. On average, slate roofing in Portage costs $10 to $50 per square foot. The total cost of your slate roofing replacement or installation project depends on the size of your home, the type of slate you install, and the labor costs of your trusted Portage roofing company.

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Professional Slate Roofing Services

Slate is renowned for being one of the most premium roofing materials on the market today. This excellent roofing material has unmatched strength, durability, and visual appeal. With a professionally installed slate roofing system, you can add an air of sophistication and elegance to any home. One of the main reasons why homeowners love slate roofing systems is because of their incredibly long life. Your new slate rooftop will last more than 100 years, so you never have to worry about replacing your roofing again.

Slate Roofing Cost Breakdown


Before you purchase any slate roofing materials, it’s essential that you and your roofer discuss the capabilities of your roofing structure. Slate is an incredibly heavy material; your roofing structures and your home thus need to be inspected to determine if they’re strong enough to hold a slate rooftop. If not, you may have to consider reinforcing your home or consider another roofing material.

Types of Slate Roofing

Slate is a naturally occurring material that has been used in all sorts of industries thanks to its strength and beauty. The stone is excavated from quarries and turned into a premium roofing material. Many quarries and manufacturers across the country produce several variations of the slate roofing material. However, the slate roofing types available for your roof boil down to hard slate and soft slate.

Hard slate is the leading roofing material for weather, water, and fire resistance. This material can pretty much withstand anything that comes its way. While still a highly durable roofing material, soft slate has a slightly weaker composition than its harder counterpart. Depending on where in the country your slate is from, its color and texture may vary.

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Using a master slater to install your home’s slate roofing system is advised. Using specialists like a master slater will naturally cost you more than a regular roofing contractor. If you opt for a roofing contractor, we recommend inquiring about their slate roof installation history.

Alamo Roofing Contractors Provides Exceptional Slate Roofing Services

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