How to Speak Roof – Terms to Know When Working With a Roofing Company

by Aug 17, 2023

To get the most out of your experience with roofers in Portage, IN, you need to be able to communicate with them, and you can’t do that unless you know how to speak roof. 

If you’re new to the lingo, no worries! We have a guide set up for you so you’ll know exactly what to ask about and are in no danger of misunderstandings. 

Keep reading to learn more! 

Common Roofing Terms

1. Flashing 

roof flashing

These are the pieces of metal wrapped around chimneys and other open spots on your roofing in Portage, IN. Flashing keeps out water so it will not infiltrate your roof. 

2. Drip Edge 

Most roofing systems include pieces of flashing that wrap around the corners. These “drip edges” help direct water to the gutters and away from the more vulnerable parts of the structure. 

3. Dormer 

In a slanted roof, you will often see little pieces that jut out with windows attached. Those are the dormers. 

Along with adding style, dormers are often recommended by roofing contractors in Portage, IN, because they bring in more light. 

4. Peak 

Simply put, a peak is the very top of a slanting roof – like the peak of a mountain.

5. Eave 

The eave is a little portion of the roof that sticks out farther than the siding to provide extra storm protection.

6. Fascia

Fascia - part of a house

Fascia are boards set behind the gutter. Their most common use is to boost curb appeal, but experts at roofing in Portage, IN, also confirm that they help hold the gutters upright. 

7. Hip 

This is a type of roof where all sides slope downward to the walls. This is recommended for roofing in Portage, IN because it helps rain and snow slide off. 

8. Valley 

This is where two pieces of the roof meet to form a downward angle. 

The valley is where your roof is the most vulnerable to ice dams after a snowstorm, so have a residential roofing company in Portage, IN, inspect it annually. 

9. Shingles 

These are the pieces of material that blanket most roofs. It is recommended for roofing in Portage, IN, to have your shingles professionally inspected at least once a year. 

10. Rafters 

Rafters are boards that support your roof’s peak, essentially making up its skeleton.

11. Caulking 

This is the substance applied between shingles to further secure your home’s external defense. 

Without consistent visits from a roofing company in Portage, IN, caulking will degrade, causing leaks and excessive electric bills. 

12. Deck 

This is the frame that supports your entire structure. It’s also where roofing contractors in Portage, IN, will apply your shingles. 

13. Gutter 

Gutters are the structures placed on the sides of your house that are designed to filter rain away from your house. 

Have roofers in Portage, IN, clean your gutters out regularly to avoid clogs.

Roofing Literacy Made Easy 

And there you have it – thirteen of the most important terms in the language of roofing. You can now communicate which pieces of your structure need work so you can get the service you need as quickly as possible.

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