Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Roof Maintenance in Portage, Indiana

by Aug 1, 2023

Needing major roof repairs is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It’s a financial loss and a disruption to your life. 

Luckily, you have the means to almost guarantee that this will never happen. It’s much easier to prevent something beforehand than to try to do damage control after the fact. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you keep your roof in tip-top shape – with the help of roofers in Portage, IN. 

1. Prioritize Regular Gutter Cleaning 

clogged gutters, roof maintenance

A top priority of preventative maintenance for your roofing in Portage, IN, is to keep your gutters clean. 

If they become clogged or otherwise damaged, the eventual consequences include the following: 

  • Formation of mold and mildew 
  • Structural damage to the house 
  • Weakening of the foundation 
  • Basement flooding 

Every six months or after a major weather event, hire a roofing company in Portage, IN, to check on your gutters. 

2. Remove Nearby Branches 

When a storm with strong winds comes along, it’s all too easy for overhanging branches to break off and fall on top of your structure. This is one of the most common forms of storm damage

In addition to regular services for your roofing in Portage, IN, you need to have these branches trimmed any time they get too close to your house.

3. Replace Caulking and Flashing 

Caulking and flashing are often-overlooked elements of roofing in Portage, IN. They both serve as shields that block water from entering your home. 

When these defenses are weakened, you are more likely to experience leaks, mold, rotting, and pest infestations. 

That’s why you should have a roofing company in Portage, IN, tend to and renew these integral parts of your roof at least once a year. 

4. Promptly Repair Shingles 

asphalt shingle repair services

Damage to any of your shingles cannot be ignored. Even if it appears to be minor or it’s just one that’s missing, it means your structure has a weak point that is more likely to break during a harsh weather event. 

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call roofers in Portage, IN, for an inspection:

  • A change in the shingles’ color 
  • Shingles tilting up at the sides 
  • Cracks and tears 
  • Stains and dark spots 

5. Schedule Routine Washing 

To complete your regimen of maintaining your roofing in Portage, IN, you need to keep it clean. 

Even if it doesn’t look dirty to the naked eye, an unwashed roof can be gradually eroded by unseen bacteria or pests. Plus, the presence of dirt and debris increases the likelihood of blue-green algae buildup. 

All of these things can lead to rotting, which cannot be reversed once it has happened. 

So, in addition to consistent contact with roofing contractors in Portage, IN, it’s time to mark its annual washing on your calendar. 

Be Proactive About Your Roof’s Health

When rain, hail, or other harsh weather rages outside, remember that the only thing keeping you safe and dry is your roof.

Preventative maintenance services from roofing contractors in Portage, IN, are a crucial way to protect your investment long-term.

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