Your Guide to Roof Hail Damage

by May 8, 2023


Indiana’s climate can bring hailstorms all year long. Most of the time, they do happen in spring and summer, but it isn’t shocking to experience a winter hail storm. What happens when those little blocks of ice smash into our homes and cause damage? What should we as homeowners be on the lookout for? Here is the information you need to know about damage when it comes to hail. 

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Damage Caused by Hail Size

Each size of hail can have varying amounts of damage. Here is a list of the common complications caused by the size of hail. 

¾” Hail

This type of hail is around the size of a dime. Of course, the damage caused by this size of hail is substantially less than larger-sized hail, but can’t be overlooked. This size of hail will cause damage to vinyl siding, window screens, metal fascia, and deck paint.  

1” Hail

If you experience hail this size, be prepared to do some cleanup. Hailstorm damage to your home will consist of cracking and dents on your shingles and siding. However, if winds accompany the storm, your home could have extra damage such as broken windows and holes in the walls. Gutters and downspouts can also require repair after this type of damage.

1 ¼” Hail

As the size of the hail increases, so does the destruction. Larger holes can occur or areas of weakness so it is wise to have an inspection done and address any areas of concern. 

1 ½” Hail

Broken windows, dented vehicles, and structural damage can occur with hail this size. Be sure to stay inside when this type of storm is in your area as great bodily harm can occur. Hail this size is similar to the size of a ping-pong ball. 

1 ¾” to 2” Hail

Quite a bit of complications can occur with hail close to a golf ball or tennis ball size. Siding can be ripped off the home, and shingles can turn into flying frisbees if the wind accompanies 2” size hail. If hail does increase to a larger size than 2”, substantial damage to your home and property will occur. 

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What are Some Things to Look for After a Hailstorm? 

Here is a list of damages that can occur to your roof after a storm. 

  • Granule loss of shingles
  • Black-colored dents in the roof
  • Bruised shingles
  • Impact marks or dents
  • Shingle tears
  • Split shingles
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of your home
  • Broken or cracked windows

What if Damage Goes Untreated? 

If a homeowner doesn’t have the roof inspected after a hailstorm, further damage can occur. Water can leak through the roofing system, causing additional damages and future repair costs. Exposed areas must be repaired promptly to prevent complications. 

Where Can I Turn to For an Inspection?

Place your trust in Alamo Construction roofing company in Portage for a thorough inspection after a storm. We are here to help the community get back on their feet and secure their homes after a major storm. It is possible there is damage underneath the shingles after such a storm, and to the untrained eye, the roof may seem to be intact. Always ask the roofing professionals at Alamo Construction to evaluate the roofing system to ensure quality and integrity in the system going forward. We can help with insurance claims processing to guide you through if a roof repair or replacement is needed. 

If you think your home has been affected by hail and storm damage, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.  


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