The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Roofing In Portage

by Mar 24, 2022

The decision to replace your roof requires careful planning and consideration. There are many factors involved in deciding when the best time would be for you to replace your rooftop, including the availability of your preferred roofing materials, the availability of your Portage roofing company, and the best season in which to complete all your roofing work.

Your roofing company needs to be able to work in cool and stable weather conditions to complete your roofing project accurately and efficiently. This allows them to work uninterrupted and capable of completing your roofing project on time.

The best season to complete a roofing project changes, depending on where you reside; in Portage, Spring and fall is the best time of year to see to all your roofing needs. We explain why below.

Portage has a continental climate, which means that its summers are warm, humid, and wet, and its winters are cold, snowy, and windy. The area receives most of its rainfall during the summer months, annually Portage gets about 39 inches of rain, more than the national average. In winter, the area receives about 39 inches of snow. The city also experiences some severe weather conditions throughout the year, including tornadoes, blizzards, heavy rainfall, and more.

asphalt shingle roofing replacement during spring season in Portage


Spring and fall are when Portage has the stablest weather conditions. The temperatures aren’t too high or too low, and the snow and rainfall have either subsided or haven’t started falling yet. It’s recommended that you schedule all your roofing projects to avoid weather-related interruptions for this time of year.


While summers in Portage can heat up a bit, this is the season when the area receives most of its rainfall. If you plan on scheduling your roofing projects during this time, it’s essential to consult with your roofing team to determine the best day to have them come in without having their work interrupted by the rain.


Winters in Portage are cold, freezing, and windy. The area receives about 39 inches of snow, well above the national average. Because of the harsh weather conditions, roofing projects aren’t usually scheduled during this season. If you desperately require roofing service, call Alamo Roofing Contractors; we’ll make sure to help you during your roofing emergency.


If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home, now would be the best time to give Alamo Roofing Contractors a call so that we can schedule your roof replacement project.

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